You might not be familiar with what KiSS dolls are at all. This page was made for those of you who are unsure of what they are or how to use them. Or maybe you just need a refresher of the terms after having had a long break. Whatever the reason is, you're welcome here!

What are KiSS dolls?

KiSS dolls are basically a downloadable form of interactive dress-up dolls. They can be compared to physical paper dolls, dress-up game apps or (now defunct) dress-up Flash games.

Most KiSS dolls feature a single human or humanoid character you can dress up in clothing, but there are also KiSS dolls which focus on makeup, feature multiple characters or even do not include any characters at all!

What does "KiSS" stand for?

"KiSS" is short for "Kisekae Set System". The term and format both originated in Japan. It is based on the Japanese verb "着せ替える" (said like "kisekaeru"), which means "to dress up".

Note: There are some non-KiSS dress-up games out there that also use the term "kisekae", which can be confusing when you're looking for KiSS dolls specifically.

How do I view and play with KiSS Dolls?

To open and play with a doll, you'll need software that is referred to as a viewer. Think of it as how you need an internet browser in order to open an internet site. Some viewers offer ways to edit dolls or even create them from scratch, but some others do not offer such functionality at all and are purely there to open and play with a doll.

To find a list of the many viewers out there, your best bet is to visit the viewer pages on [ OtakuWorld ] and [ KiSS Café ]. There is also the open-source viewer [ Smooch ], which runs KiSS dolls in your browser.

What is the difference between KiSS dolls and online/app dress-up games?

The only universally true difference between KiSS dolls and other dress-up games is that KiSS dolls are saved in a different format.

There are some differences that hold true for the majority of KiSS dolls versus the others, however.

So many personal sites of KiSS doll creators are dead! How can I still download their dolls?

I mainly use the following three sites to find KiSS doll downloads these days:

There are still some personal KiSS doll artist sites that have stayed online to this day too. I don't think I could realistically list all of them here, but if you find a KiSS doll artist on Otaku World or KiSS Café that you like, it might be worth trying to see if their website (if they have one) is still up! Sometimes doll artists only sent in some of their work to Otaku World or KiSS Café, so it's possible to find some hidden gems on their personal pages, too.