A lot of KiSS tutorials that you can find online are woefully outdated on how to create KiSS dolls, as they often rely on old software that is hard to find or isn't well supported anymore, if at all. Various tools that were created and relied on back during KiSS' boom period in the early 2000's only run on DOS or very old operating system versions. As a result, it is not easy to figure out how to get started if you rely on older tutorials that are based upon these.

My Tutorials:

To make creating KiSS dolls in the modern day a lot easier, I've been working on a tutorial series. At the moment it covers how to make a basic 256 colours/8-bit doll using PlayFKiSS 0.84 and how to add basic interactivity (using FKiSS) to a KiSS doll. Future plans include pointers for making your own KiSS doll graphics, making animations using FKiSS and how to work with Cherry KiSS (32-bit KiSS dolls).

[ Click here for the KiSS doll creation tutorials document on Google Docs. ]

Other People's Tutorials:

There are definitely KiSS resources that I still reference when working on my own dolls. Below are some of my favourites.

[ Tigger's FKiSS 1-4 reference page ]

I highly recommend this page if you are hoping to implement FKiSS4 or lower, though it is less of a tutorial and more of a reference guide. Think of it like a dictionary that can help you learn a language. It might be a bit overwhelming for absolute beginners, but you might be able to pick up some FKiSS skills by referencing this guide together with existing KiSS dolls that have FKiSS implemented in them.